Hero’s Journey – Accessing Your Special World

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TiA-Life-Connect to the higher self

Are we being suckered?

Growing up, like most I was taught to naturally trust those higher than me, trust the hierarchael system and trust that all would take care of itself […]


TiA Read this first – A guide to discovering your own truth!

TiA – Please read this first – An “introduction” to discovering your own truth! SCROLL DOWN TO DOWNLOAD⬇︎ Have you ever found yourself questioning the nature of […]

TiA-PRTF-An introduction to discovering your own truth

Negative Words that Adversely Impact Life!

  Listed below is and A to Z of negative words, of which can be easily found around the internet. It is important to credit to http://positivewordsresearch.com/list-of-negative-words/ […]

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