Dear friend,

BeyondTimelines was great. It served to display transpersonal academic psychology material …….Those books are very intense, Msc research level…..all will be updated soon. If you’ve downloaded (pre 2018) and want the newer easy to read contemporary versions – then please contact me directly and you my friend can have them at a vastly reduced price (( 50% discount )) I am Dave, contact me = 

Anyhow, as you can see BeyondTimelines evolved into TiA, which in my view is far more appropriate, hence TiALife is what it’s now become – I hope you like it as much as I do……

There is still plenty of free material and recently I have just completed a very easy to read Introduction to TiA that can be downloaded in both pdf and pub formats below – All I ask is to please leave me some feedback, I really want to know if it’s of use to you. p.s. fancy joining TiA and getting access to new material as it becomes available? Join T i A and get access for one year >>>>


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