TiA Read this first – A guide to discovering your own truth!

Written by on December 16, 2017

TiA – Please read this first – An “introduction” to discovering your own truth!


Have you ever found yourself questioning the nature of your own life and reality, wondering what it’s all about, curious as to why you exist, what your true reason, role, and purpose in life is? Have you ever found yourself pondering these and other questions?

Is there a creator? is reality a construct? and why do you even exist in the first place? All normal questions, yet there is little to no benefit in presenting explanations that do not, can not, and will never offer absolute answers. Fellow reader, your truth can only be discovered by YOU!

Yet either one continues to play the game of life, or they change to set sail on a path of self-discovery. That choice is down to YOU!

To discover who and what you are, what you are doing here, and to answer every WHY you’ve ever asked. Yet to get to that place is a journey and before embarking upon that path. New words, phrases and terminology are required.

This is what T i A is about. It’s a speed course towards understanding your place in this world and your reason for existence. It’s a bridge between your inner and outer world. It’s the link to the creator self, the road home. Yet it’s not overly technical, and won’t baffle with science and difficult to understand terminology. On the other hand, it’s not science fiction or a fairy tale and won’t unbalance or unground. It’s much, much more than that.

It’s what we came to this world to discover! 

Hope this helps,

Just keep going






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