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Hero’s Journey – Accessing Your Special World

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Are we being suckered?

Growing up, like most I was taught to naturally trust those higher than me, trust the hierarchael system and trust that all would take care of itself […]


TiA Read this first – A guide to discovering your own truth!

TiA – Please read this first – An “introduction” to discovering your own truth! SCROLL DOWN TO DOWNLOAD⬇︎ Have you ever found yourself questioning the nature of […]

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Negative Words that Adversely Impact Life!

  Listed below is and A to Z of negative words, of which can be easily found around the internet. It is important to credit to http://positivewordsresearch.com/list-of-negative-words/ […]

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Taken from - An introduction to discovering your own truth!


Has This Happened To You?

For a moment, take some time out to ponder life and it’s everyday existence. Ask yourself each time you awake in the morning, do you awake to an inkling that somethings not quite right? Is there a feeling of an ever changing world, one that’s difficult to understand? Have you arrived at a point where you feel things have drifted from balance?

Has this happened to you?

You will be aware the world is passing through a very challenging zone, and as much as it looks and feels like the darkness has taken over, this is not the case“.


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What’s your core dream?

We are all endowed with a dream. Embedded inside you is a core dream that’s been with you since birth. While throughout life we have many dreams and those dreams are fluid and can change, there’s a core dream, and it’s your job to discover, nurture and unleash that one dream upon the world …… your core dream (not the ego mind’s dream), not a new age dream visualise and it will manifest dream, and not the dream of another.

Yet do not mistake your core dream to be that of becoming wealthy, famous, or notable. While these states may bring temporary relief, they are masks made by the negative ego, and not your core dream. Assurance is given, they are not your core calling. However, passover with this un-lived call and it will simply recycle into the next life. This is shared not to depress or scare, it is shared as during this lifetime, i.e. present moment, you are endowed with the seed and ability to live out this dream and as challenging as it may appear to raise and breathe life into, your creator is at hand to assist.

What is your core dream?


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